Join the AWTA

Join the AWTA Today!

Join the AWTA Today!

The following are some of the benefits of membership in the American Working Terrier Association (AWTA):

  • Receive a subscription to Down to Earth (DTE) – the AWTA Newsletter – which is published quarterly
  • Attend sanctioned Den Trials which provide a venue for terrier and Dachshunds to earn a Certificate of Gameness and the Certificate Class Advanced Award
  • Receive recognition for Terriers and Dachshunds worked or hunted
  • Receive recognition for members who support the AWTA’s goals to encourage and promote the working terrier or Dachshund
  • Receive information on the working and hunting of terriers and Dachshunds

Membership Cost


  • A single membership is for an adult 18 years of age and older. This is a full membership with voting, working/hunting certificate eligible, and can sign as a witness on WC/HCs. This membership includes a copy of Down To Earth (DTE) newsletter. (Cost $20)
  • A couples/partner membership is for 2 adults 18 years of age or older living at the same address with same privileges as a single membership but only one copy of the Down To Earth newsletter mailed to the address. (Cost $25 for US membership)
  • New, a junior membership, for youth 14 up to 18 years of age. These members can submit a WC application on a dog they own when hunting with the supervision of an adult AWTA member and the WC is signed by an AWTA member. (Cost $10 without Down To Earth newsletter; $17 with Down To Earth newsletter)
US Foreign
Member Type Single Couples Junior Junior Single Couples
Yearly Cost $20 $25 $10 $17 $25 $30
Down To Earth (DTE) Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
  • $20 for a yearly single membership (US)
  • $25 for a yearly couples/partner membership (US)
  • $25 for a yearly single membership (Foreign)
  • $30 for a yearly couples/partner membership (Foreign)
  • $10 for a yearly junior membership (without DTE newsletter)
  • $17 for a yearly junior membership (with DTE newsletter)