Den Trials

highlightDENThe American Working Terrier Association was founded to promote the breeding, hunting, and ownership of terriers of correct size, conformation, and character to perform as working terriers. The organization has grown to include over two hundred members and holds field trials across the country and throughout the year. Sanctioned Den Trials provide a venue for terrier and Dachshunds to earn a Certificate of Gameness and the Certificate Class Advanced Award.

The AWTA recognizes these breeds for competition in den trials: Australian, Bedlington, Border, Cairn, Cesky, Dandie Dinmont, Fell, Fox, Glen of Imaal, Jack Russell, Jagd, Lakeland, Norwich, Norfolk, Patterdale, Scottish, Sealyham, Skye, Welsh, and West Highland White terriers, and Dachshunds.

Any individual Feist, Rat terrier, terrier-cross, dachshund-cross or terrier of a breed not mentioned above who is of suitable size to fit in a nine-inch artificial earth may also be entered in den trials. In the certificate class (open to dogs and bitches who have already earned a Certificate of Gameness) these dogs will compete for High Scoring in Breed against each other in a miscellaneous category. The miscellaneous category may be divided into short-legged (12” and under) and long-legged (over 12”) at the discretion of the trial chairman.

Den Trial Results

Den Trial Schedule

Request To Host a Den Trial

Please use the AWTA Den Trial Request Form to request to host a den trial.

Please send the completed form, insurance certificate and the $60 deposit to the trial secretary, Kimberly McCormick.

Please consult the AWTA Rule Book (updated 1/1/2024) for any additional requirements.