Veteran Earthdog Award

The Veteran Earthdog title is awarded to dogs whose owners are AWTA members in good standing during the entire period of qualifying work. When applied for by the owner, this award is for the earthdog that has completed the following requirements:

  • A single terrier must earn 10 Working Certificates (WC) (a Hunting Certificate (HC) can count as one WC)
  • WCs must be witnessed by at least 3 different witnesses
  • WC’s must include work to 3 different approved quarries
Dog Breed
Date 10th WC
Lothlorien Ping MW Dachshund MW 12/17/2004 Jo Ann Frier-Murza
Wild Remain Bits Jack Russell 07/30/2005 Aurora Rubel
Old Souls Tatters Jack Russell 09/18/2005 Susan Parsons
Tara Jack Russell 02/05/2006 Darick James
Wild Remain Sidney Jack Russell 02/14/2006 Susan Parsons
Spring Gate Smudge Jack Russell 03/04/2006 Susan Parsons
Tarascon Bailey Jack Russell 05/30/2007 Yvonne & Dwain Moore
Paxton Sprog Jack Russell 07/19/2007 Aurora Rubel
Briar Run Wango Jack Russell 10/16/2007 Tim & Dawn Weiss
Black Creek Yogz Patterdale 02/09/2008 Aurora Rubel
Briar Run Addytude Jack Russell 10/17/2008 Tim & Dawn Weiss
Woodleigh Ariel Jack Russell 01/03/2009 Aurora Rubel
Dutch Creek Circus Jack Russell 12/06/2009 Aurora Rubel
Thornhills Ama Jack Russell 07/25/2009 Aurora Rubel
Wild Remain Nugget Jack Russell 12/29/2009 Susan Parsons
Briar Run Kaotic Jack Russell 04/17/2010 Tim & Dawn Weiss
Briar Run Kocky Boy Jack Russell 05/30/2010 Tim & Dawn Weiss
Wild Remain Beau Jack Russell 06/13/2010 Gary & Judy Volrath
Brooks Chase Say Goodnight Gracie Jack Russell 07/03/2010 Charlene Schleuter
Corn Row Busy Jack Russell 07/05/2010 Yvonne Moore
Sweet B Sassafrass of Briar Run Jack Russell 09/04/2010 Tim & Dawn Weiss
Hunters Moon Siren Jack Russell 11/26/2010 Charlene Schleuter
Hunters Moon Artemus Jack Russell 08/28/2011 Charlene Schleuter
Dutch Creek Thomas Jack Russell 09/11/2011 Bettina Woolbright
Wild Remain Bramble Patterdale 12/11/2011 Aurora Rubel
Wild Remain Edge Jack Russell 12/01/2012 Gary & Judy Volrath
Dug To Chalk Patterdale 02/18/2013 Aurora Rubel
Blackland Lacy Jack Russell 03/15/2013 Linda Quinn
Torch of Thornbush Jack Russell 03/30/2013 Ted Ely & Char Smith
Hedgerow Lupin Jack Russell 12/29/2013 Rhonda Rebhorn
Wild Remain Digme Patterdale 09/08/2014 Aurora Rubel
Black Creek Titch Patterdale 08/26/2015 Aurora Rubel
Wild Remain Stubbie Jack Russell 11/02/2015 Aurora Rubel
Wild Remain Raven Patterdale 02/02/2016 Aurora Rubel
Briar Run Krazy Girl Jack Russell 12/15/2015 Tim & Dawn Weiss
Dutch Creek Karma Jack Russell 02/22/2016 Bonita Knickmeyer
Wild Remain Fetch Jack Russell 11/13/2016 Aurora Rubel
Robby’s Little Evil Patterdale 01/28/2017 Robby Robinett
Jack of Hearts Peter Piper Jack Russell 07/17/2017 Charlene Schlueter

Veteran Earthworkers

The Veteran Earthworker title is awarded to AWTA members in good standing. When applied for, this award is for the member that have completed the following requirements:

  • Members who have accumulated 10 WC (1 HC can count as one WC) on 10 different earthdogs.

The award for the AWTA Earthworker will be an English digging shovel.

Veteran Earthworkers State of Residence Date Completed
Jo Ann Frier-Murza New Jersey 2005
Aurora Rubel Kentucky 2005
Teddy Moritz New Jersey 2005
Tim & Dawn Weiss Illinois 2009
Karla Martin Deithorn Virginia 2010
Charlene Schlueter Missouri 2015


Earth Worker - Award

Earth Worker